SecuTrak aspires to be India’s largest integrated logistics solution provider.

- We want to be the UBER of Logistics in India

We promise to provide you with

- Convenience like UBER

- Security and Transparency like FedEx, in a

- Cost effective way that can be transparently measured


as India's largest integrated logistics solution provider

The Transporter

  • Automated Truck Hiring Process
  • Transparency in Operations
  • Safe Delivery with GPS Enabled Tracking
  • Reduced Non-placement of Trucks
  • Verified Third Party Trucks
  • Optimal Freight
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  • Use online bidding for best rates
  • Connects directly to the transporter
  • Get best deals with the transporter for shipping
  • Buy Insurance online any time
  • Improve logistics planning and cost saving
  • Safety against theft by intelligent sensors
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Vehicle Owner

  • Automatic Load Suggestions
  • Load Availability Across Country
  • Higher Probability of Return Load
  • Price Visibility
  • Profitable Route Suggestion
  • Real Time Fleet Management Through Mobile App
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  • Reduce last mile transportation/distribution
    delays thus saving on cost.
  • Improve customer/Retailer/Transporter experience
  • Weather alerts for perishable goods.
  • Yet verifified traveles on demand each deliver as per supply onion forcasts.

Agriculture &

  • Prevent Adulteration
  • Consume Timely Deliveries to Distributor/Retailer
  • Preserve Product Quality with Temperature Sensor
  • Get Verified Trucks with refrigerator at lowest price
  • Save on cost through effectice route planning

with secutrak expert navigation assistance and customer support

Our Work Process

  • Online Booking from rated transporters and vehicles with call centre assistance
    • Dedicated 24x7 Control Room
      Take Preventive and Corrective action in time
  • Online and SMS based tracking of Shipments
    • 10second DATAINTERVAL
      World Class iTRACK© Technology developed at IIT Kanpur
  • Customised pickup and delivery reports
  • With SecuTrak, just explain the shipment to us online in 4 simple fields to generate your job card.
  • Tap to find a list of best possible options to choose from
  • Choose from multiple payment methods and allow us to take over. We will ensure your shipment reaches its destination in the best way
    • Track your vehicle LIVE and stay Updated with friendly reports and customized alerts
    • Stay in touch with out 24x7 control room
    • Now SHIP ANYTHING with a smile
  • Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)/ Stealth mode VTS
    • YOUR Friendly Logistics Cop
      24X7 Hijack Prevention / Anti-Pilferage/ Anti-Adulteration
  • Track Shipments
    • ALERTS Customised For Your Business
      Door Opening / Route Violation Alert/ Temperature Alert
  • Check Unscheduled Stops
      Route Violation / Unscheduled Stops / Herd Violation
  • Check Deviation from path
  • Live pictures of consignment at the time of Shipment
  • Rated and Verified transporters and Vehicles
    • 100% Verified Vehicles
      Rated using our 10 POINT Truck Performance Indicator
  • Optimized Route Plan
      Why pay more for less?
    • Advanced Analytics
      Customised Analytics and ERP Integration
  • Savings from
Transport Cost Track Driver Live Make him accountable for unscheduled stops Saved costs by 20%
Damage Motion detection Reduced pilferages, thefts and damages by 50%
Theft Advanced weather monitoring Optimize route and prevent delays
Delay Insurance facility Delays reduced by 20%

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